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Business phone system
Airvox is a next generation Cloud PBX Business Phone system created with one single goal in mind: make your business grow
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PLANS Affordable, global calling plans - no surprises

As flexible and mobile as you need it to be
Our last generation Cloud Business VOIP Phone system enables you to have phone extensions anywhere in the world at any device, from an office IP phone to a mobile phone or computer.
Business connected & resiliency
With our PBX Phone System, your locations become a team. We connect all your offices, stores and locations into the same Business Phone system, regardless of their physical location, allowing free internal calls and call transfers. Each location will have its own phone number and voice greeting keeping things simple and easing control.
Thanks to a secure, encrypted & cloud-based architecture supported by Microsoft Azure®, AWS, Airvox provides customer support in every situation and ensures business continuity during the pandemic scenario of CoronaVirus. 
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