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Business Continuity

When your phone system is working; your business is working

As any disaster planning expert can tell you, restoring communications (or providing reliable contingency or failover services) is the very first step to recovery and ensuring business continuity in the event of a crisis.


Voice communications can be even more vital in managing a disaster or operational failure than email, your data network or other types of messaging. Live conversations connect people enabling them to communicate effectively, in real time.


When your phone system is working, so is your business. Maintaining a failover voice system in the cloud provides a safe, secure and reliable back-up solution for your business, restoring communication in minutes.

When Your Backup System Becomes Your Lifeline.

Disaster recovery planning can become a frightening and burdensome expense. But without it, you run the risk of losing clients or damaging your reputation. What is the financial impact on your business if you lost one client? With Intervox Business Continuity Service, you can safely, easily and affordably protect and manage your communications during emergencies. Intervox’ business continuity solution gives you transparency, professionalism and peace of mind; but most importantly… it keeps you in business!


An effective disaster recovery plan carefully assesses risk and prioritizes between critical and non-critical functions. For any business, your communications system is critical. It is your lifeline… Connecting you to your employees, customers, prospects and vendors. We ensure that our solution is 

  • Reliable 

  • Fast 

  • Ease of Use 

  • Secured

  • Garuanteed Uptime 

  • Simple Princing

Value Your Clients and Your Goodwill.
Intervox Hosted Business Continuity offers specific disaster-recovery features that are easily activated in the event of a crisis:


  • Your employees can continue making and receiving calls on their work phones or mobile devices even if the office phone system is down, so you can continue to hold live conversations with your customers and each other.

  • Choose which personnel to backup: if a disaster recovery plan for your entire operation is out of your budget, you can choose to failover only the most essential employees—customer service can continue operating unhindered even during a crisis!

  • Forward calls to employees’ mobile devices or home phone numbers via call handling rules, so no call gets missed.

  • Create a specific announcement mailbox to call into solely to provide information and updates about your current situation.




When we switched over to the Intervox IP PBX Failover System, all of the Ip phones were working immediately through the PBX at the data center. I knew the theory, however seeing 100 phones connecting in seconds to the data center PBX, was literally crazy! I have never seen such a powerful back-up done in that time.

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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