Setup instructions

          How to set up your virtual PBX? Basic instructions

In this section we will take a look at the minimum settings required for PBX to work, further you will find the description of all the features.

How to set up a free PBX: On the main page of your personal account in “Virtual Phone System” section press “Settings” button. You will be taken to PBX Wizard:












Step 1 Extension numbers

For each PBX user you can create a 3 or 4-digit extension number and set up a separate program, equipment, IP-phone, call-forwarding etc. Usually there is one number for each employee, but you can also create 2-3 numbers (for example, for the desk phone and for a program).

Specify the number of employees or devices that will be connected to PBX, check the “Enable call recording for all” box (if required) and click the “Next” button.