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Artificial Intelligence Cyber Security Tools

Cyber AI Platform

The application of artificial intelligence to the cyber defense challenge has marked a fundamental shift in our ability to protect critical data systems and digital infrastructures. For strained security teams, it offers the possibility to keep pace with an ever-evolving threat landscape.

While rule and signature-based solutions offer some protection against pre-identified threats, the reality is that attacks consistently evade these and get inside your network. Powered by unsupervised machine learning, Cyber AI responds to these threats before they become a crisis.Cyber AI is a self-learning technology – like the human immune system, it learns ‘on the job’, from the data and activity that it observes in situ. This means making billions of probability-based calculations in light of evolving evidence.

Overview and Features

Darktrace has turned talks about AI in cybersecurity to reality and proved itself as a world leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Powered by industry-leading AI, the Enterprise Immune System is a self-learning cyber defense platform capable of detecting and responding to cyber-attacks in real-time. Requiring no set-up, the technology is relied on by thousands of organisations to protect their entire digital enterprise, including the cloud, virtualised environments, SaaS applications, and industrial control systems.


Darktrace Enterprise

Darktrace’s flagship AI cyber defense solution. It combines real-time threat detection, network visualisation, and advanced investigation capabilities in a single unified system that is fast and easy to install.

Darktrace Industrial

Darktrace Industrial is a cyber AI defense technology that is specifically developed to detect cyber-threats and latent vulnerabilities in both OT environments, such as SCADA systems, and IT networks.

Darktrace Cloud

Darktrace Cloud delivers Darktrace’s world-leading cyber-threat detection and real-time visibility to the cloud, and is compatible with all major cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, as well as SaaS applications, such as Dropbox, Salesforce, and Office 365.

Darktrace Antigena

Powered by Darktrace’s multi-award-winning AI, Darktrace Antigena is an autonomous response solution that takes surgical action against in-progress cyber-threats, limiting damage and stopping their spread in real-time. Its product Antigena is an operational self-defense system with the ability to detect and defuse threat automatically. The system reacts to the threat in real-time basis and takes actions as per the severity of the attack.

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Key benefits

  • Learns on the job

  • Fights back in real-time

  • Understands your entire business

  • Installs in one hour

  • Delivers value from day one

Darktrace Antigena Email

Antigena Email allows Darktrace’s cyber AI to neutralize malicious emails in Office 365.

Introducing intelligent autonomous response into the flow of inbound and outbound email traffic, Antigena Email defends the network against malicious emails that evade the email gateway.

Darktrace’s rich understanding of user relationships, communications, and network activity allows Antigena Email to quickly contextualize events, and respond only to genuine threats, stopping them before they reach the user.

Email-borne attacks that Antigena stops include:

  • Advanced spear phishing

  • Impersonation attempts

  • Data loss

  • High-risk user behaviors

Crucially, the ability of Antigena to analyze email traffic alongside network traffic gives it a holistic understanding of the digital environment, enabling it to analyze individual emails in context, and initiate proportionate, targeted responses to threatening activity.

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