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Managed Services

Managed Services

Refocus Your Business – Managed Services Company

Intervox managed services allow to transfer current services or managed service provider. Intervox offers managed services and support allows you to concentrate on your core business less interruptions due to problems. We approach it actively, in order to avoid downtime.

Staff that is dedicated to the company and has extensive experience in the provision of similar services to other companies small and medium-sized companies will bring you to large corporations.


To learn more about our services have and learn how our only source Managed Services can fit your needs, please contact us.


Features & Services of our IT Managed Services.

As technology continues to advance, the companies are able to use the most effective technology to grow your business and improve efficiency. However, this can lead to more confidence in him. As a result, the company can be quickly overwhelmed by the responsibilities of maintaining the IT infrastructure on which depend on to keep the business running. With a managed technology front bar service, we will handle your important tasks and routine monitoring of services that allows you to concentrate on your core business, the assignment of personal you can save on the extension of this activity.

Services managed, you can choose what responsibilities you would like to donate, you want to have in your home. The services that we can handle include management of patches, anti-antivirus/protection against malware and information services.


Our services are managed to help you upgrade your system. We provide support for our workstation and Server services remotely, to help keep your system running smoothly. Features and advantages of our services are managed include:

  • Command Line Access: With our IT managed services, we can remotely run an executable or trouble shoot an issue remotely without even interrupting you or your employees while using the machine.

  • Event Viewer: With our IT managed services, we can access the event viewer remotely for any machine in order to view application, system, and security event logs.

  • s/FTP Access: We can easily transfer large files to or from a remote computer as needed using our IT managed services.

  • Task Manager Access: Our IT managed services allow us to trouble shoot any machine and access the task manager remotely if needed to shut down trouble processes or send a reboot command.

  • Video, Voice, or Instant Message Chat: We keep our IT managed services and IT support personal accessible by offering video, voice, and IM chat when necessary.


Furthermore, in contrast of a local service providers, Our managed services support workstation and server are not only limited to the Windows platform. It managed services, although the Intervox expertise are also available for Mac and Linux systems. You need a desk, infrastructure or cloud computing management, we are a managed service provider’s Mac and Linux. Our technical support staff is familiar with any operating system and can help you with everyday problems, as well as major problems.We are available Monday through saturday, 8:00 to 22:00, and are able to provide 24/7/365 support for those that require it.


IT Outsourcing


Some small and medium-sized enterprises will find that outsourcing of it services is a more economical choice that hiring a full thing. The front bar technology companies can outsource to our local is a consultant. Our IT consulting and outsourcing services are available for temporary projects or day-to-day management.

To learn more about these IT consulting services and to determine how our information technology consulting firm can help your company manage its IT needs, contact our IT Experts today.

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