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Buying AirVox service is easy and secure. Just select an option below to complete your registration and make your payment online. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
The most convenient way to have your PBX equipped with IP Phones paying a small monthly lease for each phone.
The best option if you’re planning on buying IP Phones, use your own phones or a softphone software on a computer or a portable device such as a smartphone.

PBX Phone Rentals

Get the most out of your Airvox solution with our phone rentals, that way you can equip your office with a low monthly lease.

How does Phone Leasing works?


You can rent phones when you order myPBX with phones or contacting your myPBX specialist if you’re our customer. When you lease phone equipment we’ll as for:
Guarantee deposit – it’s a refundable payment that’s left in guarantee for the Leased Phone equipment, you can find the prices below. If you cancel your service all you have to do is ship us back the equipment to get your deposit back, see Phone Rentals Terms for more info.
Monthly fee – With your myPBX monthly payment you’ll get charged for all the lease phone equipment, see pricing below.


Just order your Airvox phone system selecting the option with phones options. If you’re our customer, please contact your Airvox specialist.
Prices are subject to change without further notice, for more information, please contact us.
Don’t wait any longer, order Airvox today.

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