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Automatic leads distribution in Bitrix24 CRM

When  a company has two or more employees responsible for leads in Bitrix24 CRM, there  usually arises a question how to distribute leads appropriately among the employees. At the moment, Bitrix24 CRM has no such function and every time there is a new lead, they have to be assigned  to an employee by the manager. 

To automate this process,  INTERVOX offers several simple solutions.

For any of the solutions, the first step is to define the order of the leads distribution. Below are several possible lead distribution orders.

1.   Random leads distribution. Any request can be processed by any employee in charge of leads.

2.   Random leads distribution by groups. Leads can be distributed based on several criteria (for example, based on where the requests are sent from  “Europe”, “Australia”, “USA”). Appropriate manager groups can then be created for those in charge of the leads (for example, “Manager for Europe”, “Manager for Australia”, “Manager for USA”). After that, the strategy is similar to the strategy in number one. Distribution by groups is useful for requests distribution via geographical location, type of service rendered to the leads, etc.

3.   Even leads distribution. A new lead is assigned to an employee who has the fewest leads at the moment.

4.   Mixed strategies. That is a man/day rate (i.e., an employee can stop taking new leads requests after they have  processed 50 requests, the maximum for one employee). This strategy is based on employees’ personal preferences, and different estimations and metrics: skill level, employee’s effectiveness etc.

Below are examples of how we implemented some of the strategies in Bitrix24.

Random leads distribution

Bitrix24 Standard and higher subscription plans allow users(admins) create a  “Trigger” which is activated by moving a lead to the appropriate stage. first, we need to create a new stage “For distribution”. Moving the lead to that stage will trigger the leads distribution routine.

Using the “Edit in Workflow Designer” command in the “Automation rules”  section, a simple workflow is created. Then,  “Select Employee” and “Change person in charge”.

In the first step, the list of employees (lead managers)  in charge is created. Here, we can add standby users.

In the second step of workflow,  a random user is assigned responsibility for the current lead.

Random leads distribution for regional groups of employees

We can implement this strategy in two ways:

1.   By creating an adequate number of groups (for example “Europe distribution”, “Australia distribution” and “USA distribution”).

2.   Adding the field “Region” to the Lead Card and to the Employees. Then customizing the Bitrix24 Workflow for random leads distribution with the step “Condition”.

Even leads distribution

This strategy can be implemented using Bitrix24 Workflows.

Another option  is using Webhooks.


Bitrix24 Plus and higher subscriptions allow setting up a webhook for moving a lead to a particular stage. All Bitrix24 subscriptions allow using a universal webhook for Lead changing (ONCRMLEADUPDATE). In any case, Bitrix24 notifies an outside server about the event with the webhook. At this point developer skills or an external service such as Zapier is needed.

INTERVOX writes such scripts. The script will receive signals from Bitrix24 and then execute the algorithm below:

1.   Get the list of all people in charge from Bitrix24

2.   For each person, get the number of actual Leads from Bitrix24

3.   Select the employee with the fewest Leads

4.   Assign that employee the responsibility for the new Lead.

Mixed strategies

These are strategies based on individual or company preferences. INTERVOX is a team of  highly skilled Bitrix24 professionals who implement and customize Bitrix24.


Bitrix24 does not have an “automatic leads distribution” feature included by default.  However, leads distribution can be implemented via:

1.   “Simple strategies” like Automation rule+Workflow (available in Bitrix24 Standard and higher subscription plans), in which case, it’ll take us about 2-7 hours to configure Bitrix24.

2.   “Mid-level strategies” like Automation rule+Webhook+PHP (available in Bitrix24 Plus and higher subscription). The configuration lasts 5-10 hours.

3.   “Smart strategies” like Webhook+PHP (any Subscription plan). The configuration takes 15 or more hours.

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