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Security products for your business

Intervox provides solution for Complete Protection for Networks and Endpoints.

We protect your network and your endpoints as well as critical infrastructures: Easy-to-use, effective to manage with Untangle Next Generation Firewalls and UTM solutions offer innovative and reliable security. Complex IT security systems are made clear and transparent. So you can concentrate on your core business and succeed in the long term.


Untangle: Next Generation Firewall Revolutionized


Network security appliances that gives you full insight into and control over all your Internet traffic. From a single interface, you can manage your entire Internet circuit including filtering and threat management, controlling and prioritizing applications, shaping, and monitoring and reporting.


NG Firewall manages every aspect of network control from content filtering to web caching, remote access to policy enforcement, all in one simple, drag & drop interface.





NG Firewall is a next-generation platform for deploying network based applications. The platform unites these applications around a common GUI, database and reporting. NG Firewall’s applications inspect network traffic simultaneously, greatly reducing the resource requirements of each individual application.


NG Firewall is software that can be installed on standard Intel-compatible hardware, or you can purchase a hardware appliance directly from Untangle with the software pre-installed.


NG Firewall should sit at or directly behind the network gateway in between your network and the internet.

















NG Firewall Complete includes all of our paid NG Firewall applications:


  • Web Filter – Premium web content filtering.

  • HTTPS Inspector – Decrypt HTTPS to allow other apps to process the datastream.

  • Live Support – For easy resolution of any technical issues. Includes Configuration Backup!

  • Policy Manager – Create web usage restrictions, such as teacher vs student.

  • Branding Manager – Customize “block” screens with your own messages and logo.

  • WAN Failover – Keep yourself online with multiple ISP”s.

  • WAN Balancer – Leverage multiple ISP”s for better bandwidth utilization.

  • IPsec VPN – Securely connect your network to others.

  • Application Control – Control any application or protocol with a checkbox or use the Integrated Rules Engine to leverage other Untangle apps for complex rules.

  • Web Cache – Save time and money by caching frequently accessed items.

  • Bandwidth Control – Prioritize traffic as you see fit.

  • Virus Blocker – Prevent infections from reaching your network.

  • Spam Blocker – Stop spam before it hits your mail server.

  • Directory Connector – Enforce restrictions and view reports by Active Directory user name.



IC Control network appliances include:

  • Network Monitoring

  • Internet Traffic Analytics

  • Advanced Bandwidth Management & Traffic Shaping

  • Application Prioritization

  • Central Management for Multi-Appliance Deployments

  • Threat Monitoring including Spyware and Viruses



Get a Handle on Every Traffic Type:

  • Business-critical cloud services & app performance

  • Risky traffic types like BitTorrent, UltraSurf and more

  • Bandwidth drains from recreational traffic like games, videos, gambling and downloads

  • Policy violations like inappropriate content that should never be allowed on your network

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