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Intervox makes VoIP communications brilliantly simple - from phones to delivery platforms to call handling to apps to customer service. Compelling feature-rich Enterprise-class IP phone system available. We also provide voice compression products and SIP firewall which are cost effective for our customers.

Nobody does it better.


SIP Phones


Intervox works with a number of companies that provide SIP based products. Including but not limited to:

  • Aastra

  • Cisco

  • Grandstream

  • Zycoo

  • Yealink

  • Polycom

  • Snom

  • Fanvil

  • Yeastar

Peripheral Products


Intervox strives to offer the finest solutions to its VARs and customers. We have tested many complementary products to ensure the best cost benefit products. These include:


  • Plantronics headsets

  • Yeastar

  • Digium

  • Openvox

  • Cisco

  • HP

  • Asterisk Switchvox

  • Untangle

  • Ubiquiti

          Intervox Premises IP Phones


Crystal clear sound, superior ergonomics, the best phones for your business.





















Top selling:

          Intervox Telephony Cards


Connect to the Public Telephone Network.

Intervox offers a full line of high quality analog and digital interface cards to connect your IP PBX, IVR, VoIP Gateway, or custom telephony solution to the public telephone network.

         Intervox Appliances

          VoIP Security


Secure your VoIP solution

Intervox offers a full line of high quality products to secure your IP PBX or VoIP solutions.

          VoIP/ToIP Gateway






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