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Sync Files Solution in real time


Synchronization allows to share documents among multiple users. Application is installed on your computers, PC or Mac , and allows you to synchronize folders of your choice in real time on your workstation . No need to go through the web interface , files can be accessed directly on the desktop , depending on the user's access rights. Application informs your employees automatically when a document is added or updated through notifications.












Designed for users InterSync is directly integrated workstation for easy and intuitive handling.
Icons show you the status of the synchronization.
Green: the document is synchronized
Blue : the document is being synchronized
Grey : the document is locked
This Solution is best for COLLABORATIVE TEAMWORK
BEST ALTERNATIVE for Google Doc, DropBox and OwnCloud solution.

ACCESS RIGHTS Manage access rights by folder for each user or user group , and secure your platform as desired. The solution allows you to grant rights to carry up to 7 different actions: navigate , read, download, add, edit, delete and invite a user.


AVAILABILITY Solution gives you access 24h / 24, 7/7 to your data, and ensures a guaranteed response in less than 4 hours in case of malfunction (SLA GTI 4h) .


SUSTAINABILITY Daily backups and off-site data retention of 30 days, to avoid data loss, even if accidental deletion.





Backup Solution


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