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A complete suite of social collaboration and communication tools in one unified package to Start Making Your Business More Productive Now.




A complete suite of social collaboration and communication tools

Get the  collaborative suite that connects CRM, instant messaging, collaboration, and task management into one package. Improve conversion rates, automate marketing with Workflow Automation features available and create reporting with Sales Intelligence tools to serve your customers better.
By creating Sales Funnels, managing your employees’ Deals, and controlling all of this with various automation tools, you can make work easier, more effective and save your sales department a lot of time and effort!
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Get set up in minutes

Bitrix24 proves itself as a powerful platform that offers a lot of features and integrative capability with different applications which creates a full ecosystem for all operational activities of an enterprise on only one platform.
Moreover, the nonstop development of Bitrix24 brings us an always up-to-date system that supports our client's businesses better each day as well as our clients are all able to keep up with the revolution of technology.

Development and customisation

Each company has its own nuances and without taking them into account, working with the system will not be effective. Hence, each company needs to fine-tune its B24 solution to meet their specific needs and goals.
At INTERVOX, with the help of inhouse experts (managers, business analysts, marketers), performs the task of adaptation and configuration of Bitrix24 for every single client. Thus, our Bitrix24 implementation project is defined by the regulations of the work of your employees. 
We know that you need a strategy for the efficient use of CRM to increase sales. This was what the whole project was built on.
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CRM Dashboards, Reports and Sales Funnels

Airvox App for Cloud Service is a valued-added service designed to make remote working easier and more accessible for on-premises PBX users.
Freeing you from IT headaches, it avoids the necessity of port forwarding when using our APP outside of the company and offers secure, uninterrupted remote connection in no time, so your teams can work and collaborate with clear, reliable calling and secure unified communications, irrespective of locations.

Go Extra Mile on Mobile APP

Bitrix24 mobile app brings together people and information so that you could get more work done faster. It is a one-stop deal: you’ve got tasks, chats, video calls, CRM, cloud storage, knowledge base, and more - all conveniently packaged in one app.
You can quickly reach any of your team members via chat, phone call, or video call. Get social: post, comment, like, and follow your team updates on the Activity Stream.
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Assign tasks and monitor work progress

This is what project management chaos looks like: tasks are set and discussed in via three different messengers, documents are shared via email, communication is done via social media.
Bringing order and clarity to project management is the Bitrix24 mobile app. With its help, you can create and assign tasks in just a few taps. Set deadlines, monitor project progress, share files, make video calls, and get work reports - all within a single ecosystem.

Our services

We provide cloud and on premise Bitrix24 services, specializing in telephony integrations and advanced development


• Bitrix24 or external VoIP provider* configuration;
• Call processing configuration;
• Outbound phone number configuration;
• Call recording configuration.



Advanced development, customization, integration or marketplace application services for Bitrix24 or Asterisk.

Take advantage from integration with AirVox telephony to implement scenarios needed for your business: Registered inbound calls and automatic generation of leads/contacts/deals depending on Bitrix24 settings; Automatic call card with client details to save time on searching of information prior to responding to a call; Saved call record with direct playback inside CRM slider; Call tracking support within Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence; Callback support for CRM order forms, as well as click2call for outbound calls directly inside CRM slider.
No more missed calls! Get all the advantages offered by AirVox telephony and Bitrix24!
Your sale managers won't have to guess what clients are calling; now they are able to individually welcome them, access a complete communication history and concentrate on selling instead of data collecting.


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Ready to try?

Let your work flow smoothly with a fully-mobile CRM: close deals, create business processes, share important documents, and expand your company’s knowledge base.
Effective remote working is here. Empower your teams.

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